Paper Roll Handling,

Product Description

Force-Matic pressure control system


The new Bolzoni-Auramo Force-Matic generation 4, is an innovative, fully automatic mechanical, pressure controlled system designed specifically for clamp equipped forklifts. Force-Matic is an effective system designed to prevent over clamping when handling paper rolls but can also be used with other clamps.

Force-Matic optimises clamping force with a preset clamping factor by adjusting the clamping force according to the load weight. The valve works basically as a mechanical calculator which continuously adjusts the clamping pressure as a function of load weight.

Force-Matic main features:

  • Effective pressure control device.
  • Prevent paper roll deformation by adjusting the clamping pressure according to the roll's weight.
  • Fully mechanical, no electrical connections required.
  • Fully enclosed
  • Heavy duty aluminium construction.
  • Built around standard hydraulic components for easy service.
  • Wide adjustability range to be used to most truck clamp combinations.
  • Can be installed on Bolzoni-Auramo clamps.
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance.