When you use our extensive range of products and services, you can expect leading and innovative workplace solutions for all forklift attachments & accessories (including parts); materials handling equipment; plus servicing and rentals across New Zealand. RTE also has a range of Driver courses for Forklift Operator Training, Straddle Trucks, Top Loaders and all Powered Industrial Lift Trucks - all with certifications and to approved standards. We follow the latest trends in Health and Safety to keep you ahead of the curve. 


Trust RT Equipment To Meet All Your Forklift Safety Training, Licence, Hire And Sales Needs

RT Equipment is your go-to location to get all your forklift-related needs meet. We offer forklift tools, services, spares, and equipment – as well as in-house training for your staff. RT Equipment can provide your employees with forklift certifications, forklift licence NZ that meet warehouse safety requirements, and that will ensure that a job is done safely. Our forklift services and training can take place on your premises or ours, so contact us today.

All Your Forklift Needs In One Place

RT Equipment caters to all your forklift needs with forklift hire or purchase options available. You can get a brand new or used machine or hire one for any period, safe in the knowledge that is has been impeccably maintained between hires.

Courses That Suit Your Needs

We know that one standard course won’t always suffice for every person’s needs. Time is precious, and unnecessary time spent on the wrong training could negatively impact your business. It’s for that reason that we offer a variety of forklift courses. We offer shorter courses for those seeking licence renewal and longer courses that are detailed enough to train individuals with no previous knowledge or experience with forklifts. Our training offers a practical and theoretical approach which allows all trainees to understand and put to use the skills that they acquire.

Forklift Operator Training Courses

Anyone who gets inside a forklift needs to be adequately trained, whether it’s a car, truck or forklift. At RT Equipment we offer half-day courses which serve as a refresher for those who need their license renewed. We also offer courses that vary based on an individual’s knowledge and experience: one-day courses that take on a theoretical approach, for people who have experience but no certification, and a two-day course for beginners with absolutely no experience.

One-On-One Professional Training

All our trainers are OSH registered, and our courses are approved according to the OSH Code of Practice standards. We believe in a practical approach to learning, which is why training can be done on our premises or on-site so that trainees can apply everything that they have learned to handle and to drive a forklift. Smaller classes ensure that close attention is paid to each person and that each trainee can develop their strengths.

Safety First

RT Equipment believes in a safety-first approach both in training and in the daily operations of a business. It’s for that reason that forklift training in all Auckland warehouses is essential for a safe and successful business. The safety of the driver and the people around the forklift is of vital importance, and our training is conducted in a manner that enforces safety. To find out more about hiring or purchasing one of our forklifts or to have your employees or yourself trained, contact RT Equipment today.

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