About Us

RT Equipment (RTE) services include:

  • Sales of forklift attachments (Bolzoni-Auramo-Meyer).      
  • Sales of pallet jacks and stackers (Logitrans) – Materials Handling Equipment.
  • Sales of mechanical materials handling equipment.
  • Creation of (or modifications for) customised pallet handling equipment
  • Training of Drivers and Operators with a range of Certified and Approved courses for:
    • All types of Forklifts
    • Straddle Trucks and Top-Loaders
    • All Powered Industrial Lift Trucks
  • Sales of battery handling equipment (BHS).
  • Support all our brands with a complete inventory of spare parts.
  • Comprehensive preventative maintenance programmes for all makes of forklifts, attachments and materials handling equipment.
  • Customer support service and a reliable breakdown service.
  • Hire of forklift, attachments and materials handling equipment.
  • Sales of pre-owned equipment.
  • Finance options available

RTE exclusive agencies:

  • Bolzoni-Auramo-Meyer (BAM)
  • Logitrans
  • Battery Handling Systems (BHS)
  • Double Wide Push / Pulls
  • Tygard Claw Layer Pickers

These world-leading industry companies trust RTE products and services because of their joint experience in and commitment to workplace productivity and efficiencies.

Forklift Attachments

NZ Ownership

RTE was bought by Daniel Crestanello in 2015. Daniel has a very “hands-on” approach which comes from his wealth of experience leading other business enterprises of his own. This continues the company’s 20+ years experience in the New Zealand market with a focus on forklift accessories, attachments, parts, service and materials handling equipment.

RTE understands the importance of delivering products and services that customers know are reliable and they can trust. It is a very customer-service focused company and Daniel’s involvement in the day-to-day running of the business means he spends a great deal of his time talking to customers to understand their individual needs and requirements.

Understanding the issues customers face in their business means RTE can make realistic and cost-effective commitments to customers - often with effective and innovative solutions.

The Importance Of Workplace Safety

RTE specialises in workplace safety for all forklift and materials handling equipment. This is an area of business that has had increasing focus in recent years, including WorkSafe standards, regulations and legislation - all of which are important to understand. This is a key part of RTE’s in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand industrial and logistics working environment. They are regarded as industry experts on understanding all WorkSafe standards including equipment and Forklift Operator Training.

RTE's Innovative Solutions

With RTE’s extensive range of products and services, customers can expect leading workplace solutions for forklift attachments and materials handling equipment plus a comprehensive range of forklift accessories and parts, as well as servicing and rentals.

Specifically, this includes mechanical and hydraulic materials handling attachments and training carried out in accordance with the Department of Labour Code of Practice for Forklift Operator Training courses on-site and also at their Auckland premises in Wiri. Forklift Operator Training is also offered as F Endorsements and for Unit Standards: 10851, 10852, 18409 and 18496.

Our Vision

RTE is an established Auckland company specialising in the provision of comprehensive hydraulic and mechanical material handling equipment solutions. The industry leading solutions we provide include accessories, parts, hire, servicing and forklift training.

Our Mission

RTE’s mission is to be the preferred choice for all customers in New Zealand. We plan to achieve this by placing emphasis on our ability to exceed customer expectations, working with our customers to understand their needs, delivering our best resources, products and services at all times, and by providing innovative and workable solutions on time and on budget.

Customers across New Zealand come to RTE because they have a problem that needs solving by a company with a professional attitude that places the utmost importance on customer service and workplace health and safety.

Our customers choose us with confidence because they know we understand the issues they face. An RTE solution will fit their specific needs and help them to keep their business running smoothly. That in turn helps them to fulfil their mission statement to their customer base.

Customers and Suppliers

RTE has built a reputation for providing customers across New Zealand with a wide range of industry-leading products, as well the exclusive agreements we have made with international agencies. This ensures we’re able to provide customers with a full range of accessories, parts and service options that can be delivered nationwide.

Our staff are trained, qualified and have a professional and proactive attitude to RTE and the companies we work with. Our team pride themselves on their strong work ethic and place the utmost importance on building solid customer relationships. Our strong work ethic and the approach we take to building customer relationships has empowered us to earn their trust in our service capabilities.

Employees and Their Values

As a leading New Zealand company, RTE provides a working environment that encourages teamwork and innovative solutions. We respect our employees and we’re dedicated to providing our valued workforce with comprehensive training and up-to-date product and industry information that empowers them to serve customers in such a way that all their needs are met.

All our staff members believe in our mission and always act as integral parts of the RTE team. That means they show respect, pride themselves on their high ethical standards and take an inclusive attitude to every aspect of the work they perform for RTE.