Warranty Statement



This document is read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions of Trade. In the case of any inconsistency these warranty terms prevail.

We warrant that any goods sold by us meet the warranties recorded below:

  1. Goods we supply will match your order with respect to product description quantity and type.
  1. Goods supplied will perform in accordance with any warranted or guaranteed functionality.
  1. Goods supplied will be new and/or unused if advertised as such.
  1. Goods supplied will have clear title, which we will transfer to you upon delivery.
  1. This warranty is restricted to material and assembly defects which are proved following tests by us to be defective or inadequate for normal use.

 This warranty is not given if:

  1. You compromise the delivery, appearance installation or functionality of goods supplied in anyway that affects our ability to honour the warranty (by way of example tampering with packaging,installation unauthorised modifications or use other than in the manner recommended operating equipment unlawfully); or
  1. You have not followed recommended operating or servicing instructions (including use of recommended spares or lubricants); or
  1. You allow anyone other than RT Equipment Ltd or a recommended agent or repairer to disassemble or repair goods supplied; or
  1. Goods are not suitably stored/ protected against the elements; or
  1. Any need for repair is due to normal wear and tear. (Replacement of normal wearing parts such as cylinder heads, bushings and other components that are expected to wear in the course of normal use is excluded from our warranty).
  1. Your claim is made more than one year after the date the affected goods are delivered to you, or the goods have been operated in excess of 2000 working hours.

 The extent of our warranty:

  1. Our warranty is not given in respect of minor faults compatible with the type of product or its use (eg differences in colour, scratches, size tolerances etc).
  1. If you make a warranty claim we will first endeavour to repair or if necessary replace the goods affected.
  1. Only if we are unable to repair or replace the goods will we pay you money. If we do so theamount we will pay is limited to the amount we have at that time received in payment for the  affected goods.
  1. We are not liable for damages, costs, losses (direct or indirect) or any other amount in excess ofthe amount we have received in payment for the affected goods.
  1. There are no other warranties given. For the avoidance of doubt all warranties implied by law are expressly excluded and to the maximum extent permitted the Sale of Goods Act 1908, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and the Fair Trading Act 1986 do not apply to any supply of goods we make.