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Quality, Safety, Efficiency
Bolzoni Auramo offers a complete range of forks for lift trucks, construction and agricultural materials handling machines in many different capacities, sections and lengths, ISO and special mountings.
Strongly focused on product innovation, Bolzoni Auramo has employed the most advanced technologies and software for fork designing.
By using first class raw materials and modern technological solutions and automated production processes, forks are produced according to the customers requirements and the industry's strictest standards.
High-capacity manufacturing facilities offer flexibility in production volume output and fork model availability, required by OEM's on equipments installed at the origin and by the after-market suitable for different machines and various applications.

Advanced production process
Production standards for all Bolzoni Auramo forks are based on common key-features:
  • Innovative and highly automated production process.
  • Prime quality steel offering good welding characteristics and strong resistance to wear.
  • Reinforced fork heel, bended in multi-phase press mould.
  • Automated welding of upper and lower hooks with a robotic system, granting better quality of the welding, quality repeatability and higher process speed.
  • Complete heat treatment with hardening and tempering on the entire fork, providing the best quality and reliability characteristics.


    Certified quality
    Certified quality of chemical composition and of the heat treatment applied on raw material used. Bar coding allowing for the tracking of raw materials back to the source.

    All forks produced to comply with the parameter outlined in ISO 2329 and 2330.
    In order to satisfy these standards, each different type of fork is subjected to the following tests:
    • 1 fatigue test of 1,000,000 cycles at 25% overload
    • 1 static test of 2 cycles with triple nominal capacity
    • 1 resilience test at -20oC with a resulting value higher then 27 Joules
    The following certifications are proof that Bolzoni Auramo's commitment to continuous improvements in quality and efficiency. The aim to provide the best product and service support to customers worldwide, in full observance of a fair and social policy towards employees, customers, suppliers and society in general while respecting the environment.
    • ISO 9001 Quality System Certifciation
    • ISO 3834-2 Quality Management in Welding
    • UNI EN 14001:2004 Environment Certification

    Forklift Forks, Bolzoni

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