Forklift Safety Training

RT Equipment offers Training of Drivers and Operators with a range of Certified and Approved courses for :
  • All types of Forklifts
  • Straddle Trucks and Top-Loaders
  • All Powered Industrial Lift Trucks

It is essential for employers to provide their staff with National Fork Hoist Operating Training to ensure an efficient and safe working environment in Auckland. The Health and Safety Regulations require all employers to understand their duty and to ensure (as much as reasonably practicable), the health and safety of all employees and that employees receive appropriate Training for all plant and equipment.  

All our courses are undertaken by expert registered trainers who deliver a high level of professional training - available to businesses, schools and the public.

RTE offers four specific Forklift Training courses:

  • Half day course for those who need their forklift operator certificate renewed.
  • One day course for those who can drive a forklift but do not have a formal certificate.
  • Two day course  a comprehensive course for beginners.
  • F-Endorsement, Unit Standards are available plus refreshers online through our e-training.

The course offers 4 Unit Standards (10851, 10852, 18409, 18496), which are all level 3 papers that total 16 credits. 

These Unit Standards can be completed in conjunction with any of the above courses.

F Endorsements are for operators who use the forklift on a “road”.

    Training forklift operators ensures:

    • Improved safety in the workplace
    • Increased productivity
    • A reduction in damaged stock, plant and equipment
    • Compliance to your legal obligations for employees
    • A decrease in downtime and running costs

    Health & Safety

    The Health and Safety Reform Bill states that the “primary duty of care" requires all Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable:

    • This includes the health and safety of workers employed or engaged or by the PCBU including for example workers and contractors)
    • That the health and safety of other people is not put at risk from work carried out by the business or undertaking - for example visitors and customers”.
    • Employees have the right to refuse any work given to them if they feel that they do not have the necessary Forklift Safety Training needed or that it could be of serious harm to their health and safety.

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