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Safety, Productivity & Cost-Saving Benefits Of Using Forklift Accessories

Forklift accessories are often only considered by business owners or operation controllers when they have a specific need for specialised equipment. However, when used in a planned and efficient manner, forklift accessories can result in safety, productivity and cost-saving benefits, as discussed below:

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Why Your Forklift Drivers Should Attend A Refresher Course

As a business owner you’ll know that all forklift drivers should attend a forklift training course before starting a new job and that drivers are required to have a valid licence at all times. However, what about your existing drivers? In addition to the safety regulations and compliance requirements that exist, there are also practical reasons why your drivers should attend a forklift refresher course regularly. Below are just a few such reasons:

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Why It’s The Responsibility Of Your Business To Ensure Forklift Licences Are Up To Date

Businesses tend to be strict when it comes to verifying that a potential new forklift driver has a valid licence before employing the person. However, most are not as stringent when it comes to checking to make sure that their staff have valid licences and that their abilities are still up to the required standard.
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Five Steps To Acquiring A Forklift Licence In New Zealand

Forklift operation is an in-demand skill needed across industry sectors and in warehouses, depots, ports and building sites. Many companies favour forklift operators in possession of a forklift licence from an approved training institution as the documentation proves they can safely and efficiently operate forklift trucks.
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Avoid These Frequent Forklift Driver Errors With Approved Forklift Certification

Incidents involving forklifts in the workplace have resulted in injuries and fatalities and cost companies thousands of dollars in fines. One New Zealand company had to pay a hefty $272,000 fine after an employee’s leg was crushed in a forklift accident. Professional forklift certification remains the best way to avoid forklift accidents caused by operator behaviour. By identifying common driver errors, you can put measures in place to protect your employees, visitors and your company’s exposure to exorbitant fines.

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Why The Right Training & Certification Is Vital For Forklift Operators

There’s a lot that of planning that goes into designing a forklift. Its creators need to balance safety without compromising on efficiency. The aim is to get as much work done in as little time as possible without endangering anyone or anything on site. The companies that make the machines can only do so much, however, a forklift is as safe and efficient as the person operating it. If you’re looking to become a forklift operator, you should start by completing a national forklift training programme. Here are the ways it will improve your job.

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