Why Your Forklift Drivers Should Attend A Refresher Course


As a business owner you’ll know that all forklift drivers should attend a forklift training course before starting a new job and that drivers are required to have a valid licence at all times. However, what about your existing drivers? In addition to the safety regulations and compliance requirements that exist, there are also practical reasons why your drivers should attend a forklift refresher course regularly. Below are just a few such reasons:

New Laws or Regulations: Over time, changes to laws and policies take place. This includes general health and safety regulations, local by-laws and industry-specific processes. It is important for all drivers to stay up to date with all requirements.

Incorrect Practices: Experienced drivers sometimes stray from proper methods over time, and may even develop habits of taking unsafe shortcuts, despite being well aware of the correct procedures. That’s why it is vitally important to stress the dangers of not complying with safety rules and regulations and the possible consequences of such practices.

Forgetfulness: Drivers may forget specific details from their initial training, especially if it's related to tasks that are seldom done. Hence the need for refresher courses that remind them about the approved methods related to their roles as forklift drivers.

Reduced Capabilities: A refresher course that includes practical training can help spotlight diminished capabilities of drivers (such as impaired eyesight or hearing). This can help bring attention to risk factors that the company may not have been aware of and can go a long way in preventing potential future accidents or incidents due to health or other factors.

The benefits of drivers attending a forklift course as a refresher are not just related to safety within the workplace, but also promotes increased productivity and reduces the risk of loss. RT Equipment offers a variety of forklift courses to meet different needs, including a shorter refresher course for licensed drivers. This can be done in just half a day, so your staff can get back to work quickly. Contact our team for more information or to book a course date.

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  • Daniel C