2 / 1 Multi Pallet Handler,
Model 6-5206F

Product Description

Model: 6-5206F (with Side Shift)


Capacity:                          2,600 kg @ 600 mm LC

Cassis Width:                  1200 mm

Side Shift Stroke:             100 mm (per side)

Opening Range:               550 – 1,930 mm (over outer forks)

Load Guard Height:          1,350 mm

Fork section:                     80 x 50

Fork spread                      550 mm

Fork length:                      1,150 mm

Forks are interchangeable and identical, 10 mm offset between inner and outer forks to achieve safe handling required for application

Weight:                            623 kg

Centre of Gravity:            224 mm

Lost Load Centre:           157 mm

Hydraulic functions:         2 

Mounting Class:              ISO 2328 - 3A


Features and Benefits

    • Single/double pallet handler for handling one or two pallets.
    • These models offer the ability to lift pallets on both sides, either singly or two at a time.
    • Separate sideshift provides constant sideshift function regardless of the fork opening.
    • Synchronized fork movement                         


        Highlights of the Meyer Shaft Guided Twin Pallet Handler  

            • Increased visibility
            • Shaft guided with bronze bushing provides very long service life (+10,000hrs)
            • Low maintenance costs
            • Very small Lost load to ensure good retention of capacity on forklift
            • Automated lubrication system available as an option.



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