Bolzoni Auramo,
Push Pull,
Model TZ 16 B6X

Product Description

Model: TZ 16 B6X


Description:                        Quick Fit Push Pull 

Capacity:                            1600 Kg @ 600 mm LC

Platen Size:                         380 x 1220 mm 

Platen Out to Out:                994 mm

Push Plate:                          1000 x 1,010 mm

Effective thickness:             195 mm

Min Carriage Width:            855 mm

Centre of Gravity (Hor):       240 mm

Centre of Gravity (Vert):      295 mm

Weight:                                350 kg

Hydraulics:                          1 hydraulic function

Mounting:                            ISO 2328 - 2A


Features and Benefits


  • Wide windows in the push plate and gripper jaw allows for excellent visibility in both retracted and extended positions when clamping the slip-sheet.
  • 4 degrees tilting faceplate, when fully extended, helps prevent any damage to the product.
  • Gripper jaw is actuated by two cylinders, assuring a perfect force distribution on the clamping bar to help prevent any damage to the slip sheet.
  • Hydraulic system protected with steel cover and plastic wire wrapping.
  • Pressure relief valve guarantees structure and load protection.
  • The vertical position of the pad is adjustable should the pad become worn or damaged, resulting in less maintenance costs.
  • Rubber-surfaced gripper bar for better slip sheet clamping.
  • Pantograph actuated by two cylinders for better distribution of pushing and pulling forces.
  • Grease fittings in pantograph mechanism group.
  • Platens manufactured in high tensile steel, for stronger and thinner structure.
  • Chamfered platen corners prevent tears in the slip sheet and damage to the product.
  • Noiseless handling due to design optimization and end stroke shock absorber.

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