Logiflex Stacker,
Manual, Semi-Stainless,
Model HS 1000 RF-SEMI

Product Description

    Model: HS 1000 RF-SEMI


    Capacity: 1000kg


    • Optimum hygiene - with the stainless-semi stacker the risk of bacterial contamination is minimised
    • The stainless-semi products are developed for environments where severe hygiene is needed on the surfaces that are in direct contact with the goods being handled, e.g. meat, fish or medicine.
    • The design focuses on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. As an example, the ergonomically correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold.
    • High quality is ensured through an extended test programme and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.


    Optimum hygiene  

    • Risk of bacterial attacks is minimised
    • Developed in environments with severe hygiene demands
    • Closed forks
    • Easy cleaning  
    • Few hiding places for bacteria 

     Great ergonomics

    • Ergonomically correct handle 

    Optimum safety 

    • Transparent and impact-resistant safety screen
    • Location of parking brake 

     Great durability 

    • Strong construction
    • Long operating life
    • Low maintenance costs 

     Facts - stainless manual stacker 

    • Manual lifting
    • Manual transport


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