Forklift Operator Certificate
F Endorsement

Product Description

For operators who are required to operate a forklift on a road (or any place deemed to be a road) you must hold an F Endorsement on your drivers licence.

What is F Endorsement:

F Endorsement is issued after completing an approved course that teaches specialist skills relating to driving a forklift safely on a road. This endorsement is added to a current full driver licence and is therefore only available to holders of a full licence other than a motorcycle licence.

F Endorsement relates to driver licensing only. Forklift operators will also require a WORKSAFE approved operators certificate (refer to training program for these courses)

What is a Road:

Land Transport Act 1998 definition of a “road” is:
“Road” includes -
a)  A street: and
b)  A motorway: and
c)  A beach: and
d)  A place to which the public have access, whether as of right or not: and
e)  All bridges, culverts, ferries, and fords forming part of a road or street or motorway, or a place referred to in paragraph d; and
f)  All sites at which vehicles may be weighed for the purpose of the act or any other enactment”.

 F Endorsement can be carried out at the same time as a Worksafe course or independently.

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