Logitrans Lifting Performance


With over 50 years of experience, Logitrans is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment!


Today, more than 100 qualified employees within their development, production, sale and service departments are fulfilling customer requirements worldwide!

They are very visible in their surroundings - at exhibitions, in the press and at award presentations! With their high awareness concerning quality and the environment they fulfill the requirements of the future!


This is the quality policy of Logitrans...


  • to develop, manufacture and market material handling equipment, fulfilling the expectations of the customers.
  • to carry out continuous improvements of the processes of the company through yearly objectives and action plans.
  • to deliver the products to the customers at the agreed delivery time.
  • to improve the quality of our products constantly and reduce our claim costs.
  • to offer the customers an attractive price/quality relation.
  • always to have a positive and well-motivated staff, being able to participate in the fulfilment of objectives and action plans through education and training.
  • to develop the existing products furthermore, so that they will always be able to fulfil the safety requirements and the quality demands of the customers.
  • to develop new products, being targeted to fulfil future demands.
  • to offer the customers a service, so that they also after the purchase can be satisfied with the products