Mobile Weighing System,
Model BFC6 Weighing System

Product Description

    Model: BFC6 Weighing System


    Capacity: 2000 kg


    • The BFC6 is a strong pallet truck with built-in weighing system, which can transport and weigh goods in the same work procedure. No need for spending time for extra transport and loading!
    • The weighing system has four weighing cells, and a solid and very well protected display. The display has logic and simple settings, and is very user friendly! It is centrally located, and reading can be done quickly and simply.
    • The weighing system is fitted on the Basic pallet truck, which is very easy to operate and maintain.


    High flexibility

    • Can transport and weigh up to 2000 kg
    • Display with logic and simple settings
    • Temperature range: -10° to +40°

    Weighing facilities:

    • Tare function (gross and net weight)
    • Zero setting
    • Four weighing cells
    • Weighing cell accuracy: 0,1%
    • Kg/lb
    • Graduation: 0,5
    • Battery 10Ah/20h
    • Built-in charger

    Optimum safety

    • The lowering function is controlled by a lowering valve
    • High-pressure relief valve to prevent overload

    Good manoeuvrability/utilisation of space

    • Short length behind forks
    • Tight turning angle 

    Great durability

    • Display is well protected by a specially designed steel housing
    • Strong construction
    • Reliable leak-proof hydraulic system


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