Adjustable Box Holders,

Product Description



Capacity: 1000kg


      • Optimises the working condition - focus on safety!
      • The Rotator with adjustable box holders is a unique and flexible solution for companies, requiring handling of boxes with different widths (adjusted by a handle - widths between 800mm and 1200mm).
      • The box holders are standard and will be fitted at factory.
      • The Rotator with adjustable box holders can tilt crates and boxes so that the user can reach the contents without stretching, bending and straining the back. 
      • One box holder can manage 1000 kg, also when tilting more than 90°.


      Optional extras

      Depending on the type and weight of the box and the working situation the following can be chosen:

      • Clamp which hold boxes of heights between 635 and 875mm, when tilted (also 180°). Clamps are recommended when tilting more than 60°
      • Side support plates

      High efficiency and flexibility

      • Height adjustment, rotation and transportation in the same unit
      • Easy to set degree of tilt and rotation speed
      • Precise and controlled acceleration/deceleration on rotation at start/stop
      • Tilting function is deactivated automatically, when rotating to neutral position
      • Remote control for rotation (with cable as standard/wireless as optional extra)
      • Remote control also available for lifting/lowering function

      Great durability

      • Low maintenance costs - no relays and wearing parts

      Optimum safety

      • Tilting function is deactivated when the rotation centre is more than 1180 mm or less than 680 mm above the floor. 

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