3 Ways Of Knowing Your Forklift Operator Is Trained


As a business owner, you wouldn’t put the safety of your employees at risk in any way, especially by being negligent when it comes to the handling of heavy machinery like forklifts. How do you know if your staff members have been for forklift safety training and if their qualifications are valid? Here you’ll see three ways of knowing if your forklift operators are adequately trained.

  1. Verify Validity From The Source

Seeing a physical certificate attesting to a person’s forklift driving skills is one thing, but knowing if that certificate is valid or original is another. Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the book and fraudulent certification is all too common. There are many reasons why people would get fake certificates – they might be trying to cut corners or desperate for a job. Either way, if your warehouse is under inspection and your forklift driver has fake certification; it can put you and your company in jeopardy. As an employer, you can check the validity of someone’s certification and training by calling the company who issued the certificate. You can also find out if the training facility is accredited by checking if the company is on the National Forklift Trainer database.

  1. Do An Assessment

A forklift licence must be renewed every three years. In between this, it will help you to conduct random skill assessments to make sure that all your forklift operators are following safety guidelines and protocols that have been set in place in your warehouse.

  1. Arrange The Training By Yourself

If you’re in doubt about the authenticity of the forklift training facilities in and around your area, we can recommend a place that is accredited and trusted by many. RT Equipment in Auckland is a popular service provider that can help you get your forklift operators trained and certified with valid licences.

You don’t have to compromise the safety of your people, equipment or workspace by hiring untrained forklift operators or those with questionable certification. At RT Equipment you won’t just get all the parts and services for your forklift – we’ll also train your forklift operators too!

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  • Daniel C