5 Ways That A Well-Trained & Licensed Forklift Operator Could Mean Secure Operations


Adequately training your forklift operators is the cornerstone of a safe forklift operation. It takes a learned understanding of the vehicle’s mechanics and a practised skill to get it right every time. The ideal forklift operator is a certified and well-trained individual. How do you get your operators to the point of secure operations? Comprehensive forklift training is the answer you’re looking for.



We see forklifts every day in shops, factories and other workplaces. At face value they aren’t much to write home about and it’s easy to take them for granted, but what does it mean for your staff to get a handle on using these machines safely and securely? We highlight a few benefits of training your workforce as licensed forklift operators.



1. Ensure That Pedestrians Are Safe On-Site



More often than not forklift operators don’t work in isolation. There are usually other staff members working on foot nearby. An operator with the necessary on-site training will know when to be extra careful. Heightened safety awareness keeps employees safe from avoidable injuries, making for a more confident and productive workforce.



2. Keep Forklift Operators Safe & In Control



The right forklift training ensures that operators look out for their safety, in addition to keeping everyone around them safe. A licensed operator will conduct the necessary checks before, during and after manoeuvring the vehicle each time. This reduces the risk of injury drastically and gives them the confidence to operate the machine day in and day out.



3. Fewer Chances Of On-Site Fender Benders



Most sites that use forklifts also store valuable stock. Perhaps there’s even more than one forklift in operation. Safety training helps operators to steer clear of on-site collisions as much as possible. Secure operations in this type of environment demand adequate training and a clear understanding of the tasks at hand. Thorough and consistent training ensures this every time.



4. Minimise Damage Repair & Maintenance Costs For Forklifts



The risk of sustaining equipment damage from accidents increases with untrained operators. Unnecessary repair costs can drain your profits. With certified forklift operators on your team your business pocket is safer. A forklift that’s operated correctly is also less likely to breakdown, leading to fewer maintenance costs.



5. Lower Risk Equals Lower Insurance Premiums



Insurance companies will charge you less on premiums if you have trained operators. Invest in forklift training to ensure a safe work environment for all involved. Contact us today.



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  • Daniel C