How On-Site Forklift Training Ensures Safety


There’s more to learning how to manoeuvre a forklift than meets the eye. Think back to when you took your driver’s licence test. There was a road safety theory test first, right? After passing, you had to practice driving on actual roads before taking a practical test. Now the first test certifies that you know the rules of the road and how to manoeuvre a car. The practical test that follows proves your ability to apply this knowledge. Think about forklift safety training in the same way. It’s crucial to learn the basics through off-site training. But it’s the training you receive on-site that will qualify you or anybody you train as 100% ready. 

What exactly are the safety (and other) benefits of an on-site training programme? We thought of a few that we could share. Enjoy!


1. Step-By-Step Coverage Of All Relevant Safety Rules


So you have the safety rules printed in black and white on the booklet in front of you. What do they mean without practical testing? Nothing. The rules will make more sense to trainees when applied in the relevant environment, making them easier to understand and to follow.


2. Get Familiar With The Daily Work Environment


No two factories, wholesale stores or warehouses are the same. It’s great to have an idea of how the forklift works. It’s even better to have a nuanced understanding of the context in which drivers operate the vehicles. The better a forklift operator knows the environment, the less likely they are to bump into their surroundings once they start working.


3. (Perfect) Practice Makes Perfect


Physical practice is the only way to know if your forklift safety training is effective. The proof is in the pudding. Driving a forklift is a practical job more than it is an intellectual one. A forklift safety training programme must produce confident and qualified professionals. Practice in a real workspace is the best way to achieve this.


4. An Opportunity To Track Trainees In Real-Time


Having on-site training allows you to keep an eye on trainee progress. It also allows you to correct mistakes immediately. Getting this right saves time and makes the learning experience an interactive one. Everyone will be on the same page. It will be easier to introduce and show changes to the safety protocol over time. 

The truth is, receiving extra guidance from experienced forklift operators in the workplace is the best training you can get. Contact RT Equipment for top quality forklift safety training courses, equipment and more!


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  • Daniel C