Improve Your Resume As A Licenced And Professional Forklift Operator


Working in a warehouse without a forklift licence is like being a writer without a pen. Imagine having to transport goods from one place to another without the help of heavy lifting equipment. We can only imagine how frustrating it would be to work in such an environment and not be able to do the job. While you may not always have to use a forklift when working in a warehouse, it’s not a skill you want to be without. Here you’ll see why having a forklift licence improves your resume.

Why It Benefits Your Resume

If you’re applying for a forklift driver position with no forklift licence, your chances of getting the job are very slim, and the company that hires you is taking a major risk as should you have any kind of accident (be it on company property or with a client) they could be held liable.

If you have a forklift licence, it demonstrates more than that you have the skills to operate the machine. It shows that you are someone who takes safety precautions and compliance seriously and that you’re not just someone who takes a chance by applying for a job that they’re not suitable for. It means that you know about the safety regulations surrounding the use of heavy machinery and you won’t be a liability to the company that will potentially hire you and that you could potentially help point other workers in the right direction regarding best practices.

Other Skills Created Through Training

The training required for you to get a forklift licence entails building certain skills that will benefit in and outside of the workplace. For example, it pushes you to improve your analytical skills. In general, forklift drivers are expected to have good eye-sight and hearing and to be extremely safety conscious and be aware of their surroundings. This behaviour often carries over into how you approach other tasks, such as driving, completing paperwork and giving instructions. These skills will help you in any job situation – not just ones where you operate a forklift.

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  • Daniel C