RT Equipment currently offers four Auckland forklift training, fork hoist training and refresher courses for experienced forklift operators looking to update their competencies and up-skill new workers with limited hands-on experience.

Our National Forklift Training courses combine both practical and theoretical training so that your workers will walk away confident that they can not only operate the machine they’re currently assigned to but can also understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for making the machine function. We believe it’s essential for all forklift drivers to know how and why specific safety and operational standards and procedures have been put in place as this gives them a deeper understanding and appreciation of their importance.


When you select one of our courses, you can look forward to working directly with an OSH-registered instructor who will only instruct you using OSH Code of Practice certification approved course content. While all of our courses are conducted on our business premises in Manukau City, we can arrange on-site training for your business should you have at least six trainees who will be attending the class.

All our courses include a practical assessment on a specific type of forklift, but if your business requires further evaluation or F Endorsement (for using a forklift on the road) and unit standards, we can arrange for this to be offered in conjunction with your course. We can also provide you with online refresher courses, as well as re-training if you just need to brush up on your knowledge and not your skills.

At the end of each course, you’ll be presented with a photo ID card that you can use to prove that you’ve received the necessary training.


Need your forklift operator certificate or licence renewed? Then choose our HALF-DAY COURSE.

Have extensive forklift experience driving but no formal certificate? Choose our ONE-DAY COURSE!

Have little or no experience with operating forklifts? Choose our TWO-DAY COURSE!

Our National Forklift Training offers 4 Unit Standards (10851, 10852, 18409, 18496), consisting of Level 3 papers that add up to 16 credits.

To inquire about booking a training session for one or more of your employees, please contact RT Equipment today.

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