Why every Kiwi construction worker needs forklift training

Forklifts form a massive part of day-to-day operations for a large number of businesses all over New Zealand. Despite this, there is still a desperate need for national forklift training.
The safe and responsible use of forklifts remains a problem. It’s estimated that 2017 saw eight deaths occurring in the warehousing and transport sector, with the most recent resulting in charges being laid against the business responsible. There’s also a general shortage of workers with forklift training in Auckland, resulting in the Commercial Road Transport Programme promoting forklift driving as a career to anyone with a driver’s licence. If you use forklifts in your business, then it’s essential that your employees have the relevant forklift certificationforklift licence and forklift safety training.
According to the Health and Safety in Employment Act of 1992, there is an approved code of practice for forklift courses that train operators and instructors to drive powered industrial lift trucks. It aims to address and prevent the most common causes of forklift-related accidents that occur in the workplace, such as driving too fast, carrying excess weight, improperly stacking goods, not maintaining the forklift regularly, travelling with a raised load or getting on and off the machine incorrectly. The code also aims to minimise harm to people and objects surrounding forklifts.
As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone operating a forklift on behalf of your business has the necessary certifications and that they are continually being trained and assessed to keep their skills relevant and up-to date.
When you need to get a worker certified, it’s essential to choose the correct trainer or training facility to do the job. In order to become a forklift-operator instructor, the candidate will need to attend a forklift operator and "train the trainer" course and have undergone assessments by the Occupational Safety and Health Service. They will also need to provide your workers with a safe and distraction-free training environment with appropriate training aids, safety gear and equipment.
RT Equipment can assist you in this regard, and we have helped numerous businesses get their NZ forklift licence. To find out more about our forklift or fork hoist licence, as well as fork hoist training, call us today.

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